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League Bylaws

Post by League Commissioner on Sun May 29, 2016 11:35 pm

I. League Structure and General Provisions

A. The purpose of the Sim Hockey League - A (SHLA) is to offer an entertainment opportunity to members in good standing to act in the capacity of general manager and coach of a National Hockey League (NHL) franchise from either the Eastern or Western conference.

B. The SHLA was formed between the 2015-16 and 2016-17 NHL seasons with the initial members being assigned franchises via their entrance into the league. General managers inherited the rosters of their respective teams, as they existed at the end of the 2015-16 NHL season, and were assigned all relevant prospects and draft picks with which to form their reserve roster.

C. The SHLA shall be maintained in accordance with the provisions set forth in these bylaws and rules.

D. The membership of the SHLA shall consist of a number of members in good standing equal to the number of NHL franchises. Each SHLA team shall have one member designated as franchise general manager.
i. Members in good standing have the option to designate one or more additional persons as assistant general managers, but any responsibility inherent with SHLA membership shall remain with the designated general manager.
a. The assistant GM may make line-up and depth chart changes. They may discuss any other function that a GM has with that GM, but are NOT permitted to sign free agents, post trades, or place/claim players on waivers unless explicitly stated by the assigned GM for a certain period of time.
ii. Good standing as it relates to membership shall be defined as a GM not on probation.
iii. Any existing GM can be placed on probation for 1 year if the League Commissioner feels as if neglect or poor decision making is putting the long-term status of the franchise in jeopardy.
iv. All new members will be placed on probation for 1 year.
v. While on probation, the League Commissioner will scrutinize all transactions made by that GM.
vi. If the League Commissioner feels as if the GM continues to put the franchise in long-term risk, he can remove the GM from that position.
vii. If a team fails to log on to the league site for a period of one week, that GM will be given a warning. If they do not answer the warning within 24 hours, they will be removed from the position. In addition, after a total of three warnings, the GM will automatically be removed.

E. The league shall seek to maintain a waiting list of potential members to fill any vacancy created by the departure of an existing member.

F. In the event that the NHL decides to contract one or more teams, those GMs will automatically be given first choice at a new team.

G. All provisions in these bylaws shall be enforced by the League Commissioner.

H. Each SHLA team's name, arena, geographic location, and designation in the Eastern or Western conference shall remain identical to that of the said team's NHL counterpart.

I. Each SHLA team's schedule for a given season shall remain identical to that of their NHL counterpart. No games shall be re-scheduled due to any circumstance.

J. Each SHLA team will have to follow the league-specified salary cap each season.
i. The salary cap will be determined by the League Commissioner at the end of play of the previous season.
ii. Teams must remain at or below their salary cap at all times.
a. In the event that a player contract forces a team over the salary cap, the League Commissioner reserves the right to void any transaction that would do so.

K. The League Commissioner was the right to disapprove of any trade made between the end of the previous season and the trade deadline the next season.
i. The League Commissioner shall only scrutinize a trade if any three members of the league feel as if it is too heavily in favor of one team.

L. Any SHLA member in good standing can propose an amendment of modification to these bylaws.
i. Situations or issues not resolved in through adherence to the bylaws shall be resolved by the League Commissioner on an as needed basis.
ii. A playoff shall occur upon the completion of the simulation regular season where all of the same rules the NHL uses will apply.

II. SHLA Team Rules

A. Each SHLA team shall be allowed a franchise roster with twenty active players. All remaining players will be placed on the reserve roster.
i. All GMs are expected to clean out their reserve roster from time-to-time. Releasing players that do not have a realistic chance at contributing in the SHLA.

B. During the regular season, each team must maintain a roster of twenty active players.
i. Teams may be over the active roster limit during the offseason, but must remain under the league salary cap.
ii. If teams do not adhere to this rule and take an inordinate amount of time to do so, the League Commissioner reserves the right to tamper with their active and reserve roster to make them eligible to play.
iii. All players that appeared in a game for a team during that season will be placed on the team's active roster at the completion of the season.
iv. All players must clear waivers in order to be placed back on the reserve roster, this includes the offseason period.
a. If a team is sending a guy to the reserve roster to make room for a player returning from injury, then there is no need for that player to be placed on waivers.
b. In the first offseason of the league, teams can move players to and from the reserve roster at will.

C. Only the collective amount of player's on a team's active roster shall be considered when determining the amount to be measured against a team's salary cap.
i. The salary for any player on the reserve roster that made an appearance in a game that season will also be counted against the cap.
ii. All players with "V" status, whether on the reserve roster or released will also count against the cap.
a. This salary cap hit will be in existence until the contract of that "V" player expires, regardless if another team picks up that player.
b. If a player retires during their "V" contract, the team can release them without a salary cap penalty.
iii. When a player is traded, the team dealing the player will be responsible for paying a prorated amount of their salary for that season.
iv. If a team, as part of a trade, agrees to cover some of a player's salary for another team, that will also count against their salary cap.

D. Only players that made an appearance in some professional league the season before is allowed to be placed on an active roster.
i. If a player makes an appearance in the NHL that does not qualify above, they will also be allowed to be placed on the active roster.

E. Each general manager shall provide the League Commissioner with their depth chart.
i. If a team does not submit their depth chart for a given day, the depth chart from the game before shall be used.
ii. If a team has a player injured and does not submit a depth chart, then the League Commissioner reserves the right to place a player on the active roster as a replacement for the injured player. This player will not need to be waived to be placed back on the reserve roster.

F. Postseason rosters can only be comprised of players that appeared in a regular season game for that team.
i. The only exception is for injury replacement.

III. Player Service Time and Rookie Contracts

A. All players that have not yet reached "V" status will have a year of service number equal to the number of seasons that they appeared in a game for that team.
i. 1 = This is their 1st season in the SHLA
ii. 2 - 6 = This is their corresponding season in the SHLA
iii. All players become free agents after their 6th season if a contract extension is not reached the prior offseason.

B. All players not yet with V status receive what will be considered a rookie contract.
i. Rookie contracts all start with league-minimum contracts in a players 1st year of service.
ii. Every subsequent year, the player's salary will rise based upon their production that season. These salaries calculated are non-negotiable. General managers should be prepared for increases in each of these players' salaries as we near the offseason.
iii. The maximum salary increase per season is a 100% raise.

C. All service time and salaries were calculated for all players entering the 2016-17 sim season and are non-negotiable. Individual service time for subsequent seasons will be calculated by the player's inclusion on the active roster of their SHLA teams.

IV. Player Salaries

A. All players in their 1st year of service will have a rookie minimum contract of 0.328. This minimum can be adjusted during any offseason.

B. The largest raise for a player increasing their service time will be 100%.

C. Contract extensions will be a feature in the SHLA.
i. Any player whose contract is expiring at the conclusion of the upcoming season (including all players entering their sixth year of service) will be eligible for a contract extension.
ii. The general manager can agree to the contract extension at any point before the final season of their contract begins.
a. No contract extensions can be given out in-season or at the conclusion of the final year of their contract.
iii. The maximum length of a contract extension is five years beyond the current contract.
iv. Salaries shall be calculated by a simple formula.
a. Players given a one year extension will be given a 10% raise, two-year extensions a 20% raise, and so on.
v. Players that sign a contract extension will be given a one-year no-trade clause.
vi. Once a player signs a contract extension, they will be given "V" status if they do not already do so.

D. At any point in the offseason, a team can refuse to pay a non-"V" status player that contract and they will become a free agent. They will then be given "V" status when they sign a contract.

E. The above rules used for calculating player salaries are subject to review by the League Commissioner every offseason.

F. Unless otherwise designated in an official trade, teams will be responsible for paying a player for the amount of games they spent playing on the team.
i. Trades cannot claim to have the team receiving the player cover the salary the trading team must pay as a result of that player playing on the team.

V. The Waiver Process

A. Any player, regardless of service time, can be waived at any point. The cash value and length of any contract is binding between the player and the claiming team.

B. If the League Commissioner received more than one waiver claim for a player, the team with the lowest point total to that point in the season will be awarded that player.
i. If two teams have the same point total, the previous season's point total will be used for waiver priority.

C. The team waiving the player must declare whether or not they are waiving the player for the purpose of release or the purpose of placing them on the reserve roster.

D. Claims for players being waived must be e-mailed to the league office within 24 hours of the team waiving the player's post in the Pending Waivers thread.

E. Once a team posts in the Pending Waivers thread, that transaction is irrevocable and the team must take the result of the process.

F. Any player clearing waivers for release will become a free agent, and the team waiving them will still be financially responsible for their contract.

G. If the claiming team does not have the necessary cap space, or is unable to place the waived player on their active roster in a timely fashion, the waiver claim will become null and void.

VI. Free Agency

A. Any player whose contract expired the previous season will be placed in the free agent pool for that offseason.

B. All bids for players will be posted in the Free Agency thread.
i. Free Agency will be started on a date set by the League Commissioner every offseason.
ii. After a team has had a bid that is the top bid for 24 hours, the player will sign with that team.
iii. Any counter-bids on a player must be of greater or equal salary and years, with at least one of them being greater.

C. All free agent bids must contain the amount of years and annual salary in order to be considered a certified bid.

D. The maximum length of any free agent contract will be five years.
i. The minimum salary of any contract of any player will be 1.000 for a one-year contract, 2.000 for a two-year contract, and so on.
ii. The minimum salary for a player on a one-year contract will be prorated to allow teams to sign players to such deals at a lower salary. Simply take the number of games remaining on your schedule and divide by 82 to get that league-minimum.

E. All contracts awarded to free agents are guaranteed and counted against a team's salary cap.

F. Players with contracts in place before the creation of the SHLA shall be held to said contracts, regardless of contradiction with an SHLA bylaw.

G. Veterans signed as free agents may be placed on the reserve roster, but their salaries will count against the team's salary cap.

H. Free agents signed to deals longer than one year are given a one-year no-trade clause.

VII. Trades

A. Trades can occur any time from the conclusion of the Stanley Cup finals until the trade deadline the next season.

B. Trades can involve players, portions of player's salaries paid, or draft picks for any of the three upcoming drafts. At no point are future considerations or a player to be named later a tradeable commodity.

C. All trades must be posted by one team in the Pending Transactions thread and confirmed by the other team or teams involved.

D. All trades are subject to a review period of 24 hours and may not be processed immediately.

VIII. Draft

A. A seven-round draft of players will be conducted during the SHLA offseason; beginning the day after the beginning of the NHL Draft.
i. Any player not listed in the Draft Ineligible list on the roster spreadsheet is eligible to be drafted.
ii. All players drafted will be given 1st year of service status.

B. The order in which teams will be given draft picks is the reverse order of the point total of the previous season. A draft lottery will be run to determine who gets the 1st overall selection each offseason. The same set of rules used for the NHL Lottery will be used.
i. In the event teams have the same point total, the tiebreaker will be the previous season's point total.

C. Teams will be given a google sheet of all eligible players expected to be drafted. They are expected to rank these players as their picks come up.

D. Rankings will be due at 12am EST on the day set forth by the League Commissioner.

E. Teams will be given the player picked highest in the NHL draft not yet selected if they do not change their rankings.

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